Furnace Repair in Carmel, IN

In Indianapolis, IN, be sure to call Bedell Home Services to arrange for a furnace installation to bring your family some blissful warmth.

At Bedell Home Services, we understand how essential furnaces are for central Indiana homeowners. Furnace installations are significant investments, and it pays to replace faulty furnaces in good time. We offer quality furnace installation and replacement services.

We are a local, family-owned company that’s been serving Carmel for more than 30 years. You can trust us—we know furnaces inside and out. After all, we wouldn't have so many positive customer reviews if our furnace replacement services were less than top-notch.

What Are the Common Causes of Furnace Problems?

From our experience, the following are the primary reasons that Indianapolis and Carmel residents call us about furnace issues:

Lack of maintenance

Regular maintenance is not a choice for homeowners with furnace installation—it’s a necessity. These heating appliances will lose effectiveness and break down if you don't hire skilled experts.

Some manufacturers will cancel your warranty if you don't get regular maintenance for your furnace.

With regular checks and tune-ups, debris will not build up within furnace vents. We also prevent the systems from developing stubborn clogs.

Clogged filters

Clogged filters ruin the quality of your indoor air. Apart from toxicity, air from dirty filters smells foul and never hits the right temperature.

Be sure to replace furnace air filters regularly, especially if you have a big family. Remember--your family gets bigger with every pet, spouse, and dependent you add.

Pay particular consideration in the summertime. Air filters build up dirt most quickly during hot and dusty days.

Mechanical wear and tear

It's normal for old furnaces to break down due to wear and tear. Furnaces go through drastic temperature changes. They withstand expansions and contractions while bracing friction and vibrations from different moving parts.

You will find it more financially viable to replace such furnaces than to keep incurring frequent repair expenses.

Carbon monoxide leaks

Carbon monoxide leaks are the most dangerous cause of furnace malfunctions. Gas leaks often kill entire families in their sleep. Be sure not to ever allow anyone to use the furnace when it has cracks.

Shut down your furnace if its burners crack or when they produce irregular flames. Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and call our contractors for emergency furnace replacement.

The Benefits of Timely Furnace Replacement Installation

  • Timely furnace replacement will boost home comfort and property value.
    Quality installations can last 20-25 years with regular maintenance. New installs are 30% more energy-efficient than old furnaces. Therefore, you'll have decades of power savings and warm comfort.
  • New systems come with the latest updates.
    Some brands are now manufacturing smart furnaces with WiFi and IoT apps. Ask us for details.
  • New furnaces are effective and quiet.
    Your family will enjoy a warm home without any rattling, clunking, or other funny noises.
  • A new furnace will make your heating safer and more affordable.
    Furnace replacements are a long-term fix to solve many issues. Your family will be safe from gas leaks and fiery explosions. Additionally, you will not have to keep footing repair bills.

Why Do Your Neighbors Love Our Furnace Installation?

At Bedell Home Services, we are a family business with 33 fulfilling years of improving lives in Carmel and surrounding communities. We’ll make your home a comfortable retreat for your family. No matter the season, our team will bring fresh air indoors for you. We’ll always leave you with a warm smile.

We install:

  • Electric furnaces
  • Gas furnaces
  • Ductless mini-split units

We also work with reliable brands like Heil, Daikin, Goodman, and Lennox.

Most homeowners face emergencies that call for same-day furnace replacements. We can do that. Please take advantage of our financing and special coupons to manage furnace emergencies.

Call our Bedell Home Services team at 317-891-2700 for scheduled or urgent furnace installation in Carmel, IN.