Carmel Sewer Video Inspection

Diagnose plumbing problems without the mess — call today to request sewer video inspection services in the Indianapolis area!

As sewer lines are located underground, plumbers previously needed to dig trenches to look for problems. At Bedell Home Services, we use modern trenchless technology to inspect residential sewer lines in Carmel, IN, and beyond.

Our licensed technicians use real-time video technology to closely inspect your affected pipes without damaging your system. As a family-owned and operated plumbing company, we realize how disruptive plumbing projects can be to your daily life. That’s why we aim to minimize the mess or damage done to your property. Faster and easier inspections also let us offer fair flat-rate pricing.

If your inspection does reveal a problem, you can count on our quick and effective sewer line repair services.

Problems a Sewer Drain Video Inspection Can Identify

Disruptions to your drainage system occur deep in your plumbing, making them difficult to find using conventional means. Using video inspection, we can determine if your sewer line has any of these common problems:

  • Tree root invasion
  • Blockages
  • Damage, cracks, or joint disconnects
  • Corrosion

With our non-invasive sewer camera inspection services, we can accurately pinpoint the source of your plumbing problems and apply an appropriate solution.

When to Schedule a Sewer Drain Camera Inspection

While diagnosing problems is one reason to call for a sewer video inspection, it’s also a good idea to have a plumbing inspection completed when buying a new home or undertaking other major projects near or involving the line.

Things like landscaping, swimming pool installation, and replacement all go smoother when you’re aware of any sewer line issues. Our expert plumbers have more than 30 years of experience and can help you determine the condition of your pipes while offering effective solutions for any issues present.

We specialize in no-dig, no-damage sewer line inspection and repair options, such as horizontal boring and hydro jetting services.

Preventing Future Sewer Problems

While our plumbers are equipped to solve any problems found via sewer line video inspection, preventative care is always cheaper than repairs. Schedule regular inspections and drain cleaning with our technicians to identify and resolve potential problems in your sewer line.

Common practices to prevent waste accumulation also reduce the likelihood of blocks and leaks. Install screens over your drains to prevent large debris from entering your line and avoid washing down food and grease. You can also keep tree roots away from your sewer lines and regularly empty your septic tank to make sewer problems less likely.

Our professionals at Bedell Home Services can use trenchless technology to quickly and accurately assess your plumbing. Call us today at (317) 891-2700 to schedule your sewer video inspection in Carmel, IN.