Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems in Carmel, IN

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Air conditioning systems make homes tolerable and comfortable during summers. Your AC refreshes the air by dispelling excess humidity and heat. You can reduce electrical costs by installing reliable ACs since they are highly energy-efficient.

An even more energy-efficient AC system has recently emerged on the U.S. market in the form of the ductless mini-split system, which allows you to cool only the rooms you are using rather than cooling the whole house. Our team at Bedell Home Services offers the best ductless mini-split AC systems in greater Indianapolis, IN. Call us today!

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How Do Ductless Mini-Split AC Systems Work?

Most Carmel residents refer to ductless air conditioning systems as mini-splits. The main benefit of mini-splits is that they work without any ductwork to regulate airflows. Regular AC systems are in one central location and serve the entire home through extensive ductwork. The ducts carry cool air into all household rooms.

For mini-splits to work without ducts, ductless mini-split AC system installations include two parts—an indoor and an outdoor component:

The indoor units

Each room has a small unit that absorbs hot air flows and cools them with cold evaporator coils. The coils have refrigerant liquid to support cooling action.

The outdoor unit

All room units link to the outdoor compressor that receives all the heat absorbed from the different rooms.

Mini-splits are more effective than traditional AC systems because they are individually controllable in the room they’re cooling. Thus, you can switch off units in empty spaces and only cool rooms where people are spending time.

When Does Your Ductless Mini Split AC System Need Repair?

Congratulations if you’ve already installed your high-quality ductless AC system! However, even the best AC units require regular tune-ups and repairs.

You can tell that your mini-split system needs repairs when:

The Air Quality Is Poor

Low airflow can harm your family’s respiratory health, and a faulty AC system could be the reason your home is stuffy. Well-maintained air conditioners remove the humidity in rooms and filter out the dust.

The System Cycles On and Off

The system is faulty if it can’t sustain operations at your current settings. Faulty thermostats are often to blame when systems keep cycling on and off.

Energy Costs Are Rising

You have cause for concern when faulty AC systems cause utility bills to surge. Something could be wrong with the cooling coils or the refrigerant. Order our 24/7 emergency service when you observe this anomaly to prevent further damage.

Quality Ductless Mini-Split Installation and AC Tune-Ups

Mini-splits are advantageous in many respects. They are more energy-efficient than traditional central AC systems. Still, they require regular maintenance tune-ups. HVAC installations are costly investments, and you deserve systems that will serve you for up to 20 years.

Your ductless mini-split AC system can cut energy costs significantly with regular tune-ups. Its longevity depends on the quality of installation. We discourage DIY installations—be sure to rely on our well-trained, trustworthy technicians. They’ll factor in your home’s dimensions and rooms to determine the best size and layout for your system.

If a ductless system will not work for your home, you can also count on Bedell Home Services for installation, maintenance and repair of central AC systems.

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