AC Refrigerant Leak Repair in Carmel, IN

Call for repair service for your AC refrigerant leak from Bedell Home Services in Carmel, IN.

AC refrigerant is the lifeline of your cooling system. Refrigerant leaks can make your home an uncomfortable place. During summer, indoor temperatures can become severely high when leaks occur. Fortunately, our team at Bedell Home Services offers the best refrigerant leak repairs in Indianapolis, IN.

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Do You Need Urgent Freon Refills?

Freon is the non-combustible gas that keeps your Indianapolis house cool by absorbing heat from the air through evaporator coils. Freon is the refrigerant in your AC that conducts heat from your indoors to the outdoor compressor.

Freon needs to move heat efficiently along your evaporator coil to create a cooling effect during hot weather.

When evaporator coils crack, the refrigerant leaks out of the system. Freezing, clogs, and dirt are the most common causes of evaporator coils cracking. The extent of a crack determines how fast the refrigerant will leak out of the coil.

Be sure to call our team at Bedell Home Services to provide AC refrigerant leak services for your broken evaporator coil. We can identify all the leaks and fill them while also replacing the Freon.

The urgency of your call will entirely depend on the signs you observe from your system. Slow leaks can wait a few days, but then you take the risk of matters getting worse. Major leaks require urgent repair services.

Common Signs That Your AC Is Leaking Its Refrigerant

Refrigerant leaks can be gradual or sudden. When the leaks are massive, the refrigerant could blast out of the evaporator coil and cause immediate malfunction. However, small leaks can last a long time before the signs show.

The earlier you catch a refrigerant leak, the better. By doing so, you'll prevent further damage and restore the effectiveness of your air conditioner. Keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs of AC refrigerant leak:

  • The cooling effectiveness lessens and air quality drops
  • Water droplets accumulate on the condenser coils
  • The coils look frozen
  • Your AC unit makes hissing sounds
  • Vents leak out warm air
  • Your energy bills surge upward

Our trustworthy technicians at Bedell Home Services are experts at handling faulty HVAC systems in the Carmel and Indianapolis area, and our team will fix your leaks in less than 24 hours.

What Is Freon Recharge, and Why Get It from Bedell Home Services?

Freon recharge means refilling your evaporator coil with refrigerant after it leaks. During Freon replacement, we consistently inspect your coil for leaks. We will permanently seal the leaks before we refill your refrigerant.

Did you know that Freon is toxic? Be sure to never risk your health by attempting a DIY Freon replacement. Instead, call on Bedell Home Services for same-day solutions.

The great thing about our annual AC maintenance routine is that it enables us to catch possible issues before they become critical. We always clean out any debris and make sure your filters are working. Request an estimate today.

AC refrigerant leaks call for urgent repair because of the smell and the fire hazard. Be sure to call us at 317-891-2700 if you need AC refrigerant leak repair in Carmel, IN. Bedell Home Services is your best bet for 24/7 emergency services if you're anywhere in the Indianapolis area.