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You can count on our 24-hour plumbers for fast and effective service anywhere in the Indianapolis area—call us today!

From plumbing installation through to regular maintenance and drain cleaning, one call does it all when you work with our experts at Bedell Home Services. We’re a local family-owned and -operated company and have served Zionsville, IN, and the surrounding communities since 1988.

Homeowners continue to trust us for our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality results. We go above and beyond to deliver plumbing solutions that exceed expectations, including the highest quality:

  • Emergency plumbing repair
  • Tankless water heater installation
  • Hot water tank replacement
  • Water heater maintenance
  • Sewer line installation and repair
  • Drain cleaning
  • Hydro jetting
  • Whole-home re-piping
  • Kitchen and bathroom plumbing

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Common Plumbing Emergencies

Most plumbing problems are more of an emergency than homeowners realize. Even a small pipe leak can do an impressive amount of water damage in a short time—not to mention the increased chance of mold growth.

At Bedell Home Services, our licensed professionals have the skills, training, and equipment to address any plumbing emergency quickly and effectively to minimize damage to your home. Some of the most common issues we deal with here in Zionsville include:

  • Burst pipes
  • Sewage backflow
  • Clogged toilets
  • Fluctuating water temperatures
  • Pipe leaks

Whether you call us at 3 am in an emergency or during business hours, we always aim for a quick turnaround time and will be at your door fast.

Professional Water Heater Installation and Replacement

Electric and gas water heater services are one of our many specialties. We handle both new construction and replacement projects and offer tankless and storage tank water heaters. The first thing you'll need to do is decide which type of water heater you want.

In most cases, we recommend going tankless as they offer several benefits:

  • Instant hot water: Tankless water heaters produce on-demand hot water.
  • Space efficiency: Water heater tanks eat up a lot of space. On the other hand, tankless water heaters can fit seamlessly under your sink or against the wall.
  • Less maintenance: The tank is the most common fail-point on a water heater, and as a result, tankless options last longer and require less maintenance.

However, tankless units usually cost more than water heater tanks. If you find yourself on the fence about what type of water heater to get, reach out to our team. We’re always happy to help.

Worried about the cost of replacing your water heater? Check out our financing options for convenient payment plans.

Need Clogged Drain Repair?

A clogged drain can be more than just a hassle if the pressure leads to a pipe leak. Call us for a  quick drain cleaning service at the first sign of a problem to stop clogs before they start:

  • Recurring clogs
  • Multiple clogged drains
  • Slow drains
  • Backflow
  • Gurgling or bubbling noises
  • Unpleasant odors or flies

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