Let's Learn to Heat the Home Efficiently This Winter!

A Heat Pump Makes Heating the Home Easier

People usually think about a central heating system when they think of heating a home. This is probably the most common heating system in the modern home. However, this isn’t necessarily the most efficient way to heat a home in 2022. In some circumstances, it can be, but there are so many other options now that central heating isn’t always efficient. Some other options include a mini-split heat pump, an air-source heat pump, a water-source heat pump, and a geothermal heat pump. Some of these heating options might feel foreign to homeowners, so professionals have gathered all the information homeowners need to make an informed decision about their homes’ heating. Luckily, professionals are always there to answer any questions homeowners might have. 

Continue reading to get all the fundamental information about energy-efficient heating. 

Heat Pumps: Here’s How They Work heat pump

It’s important to note that heat pumps do not create heat. They redistribute the heat found in the ground and air and repurpose it to heat a home. Essentially, there is an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit has a fan coil and refrigerant that circulates between the fan coil and the outdoor compressor unit. 

During the summer, the heat pump takes all the heat from the indoor air and transports it outside via the outdoor unit. Heat pumps have fan coils, compressors, and refrigerant, just like most other heating and cooling systems on the market, but they are supposed to be more energy-efficient. 

There are different types of heat pumps on the market: 

  • Duct heat pumps; air-to-air, water source, and geothermal (water or ground-source) heat pumps
  • Ductless air-source heat pumps
  • Absorption heat pumps

Some Benefits of Ductless Heat 

Homeowners should be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of heat pumps (just like anything else). 


  • Eligible for RHI scheme
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Lower running costs
  • A safer option to heating
  • Reduces carbon emissions

The disadvantages are: 

  • More expensive upfront 
  • Requires significant work upon installation
  • Time-consuming installation 
  • Not entirely carbon neutral 
  • Planning permissions are required

Energy Savings = More Money in the Bank Account!

saveThe main benefits that homeowners need to know are that heat pumps are easy to maintain and are one of the more energy-efficient options. What does this mean? This means that homeowners end up saving money on energy costs every year! 

All the homeowner has to worry about is keeping up with regular maintenance -- just like any other heating/cooling source! 

Whether homeowners choose duct heat pumps or ductless, their wallets will reap the benefits of switching to heat pump heating and cooling. 

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