Keep the Home Comfortable for a Valentine's Day In

Keep Things Warm on the Most Romantic Day

Valentine's Day is a holiday to devote to showing loved ones how much they mean. Focusing on loved ones shouldn't be interrupted by something as mundane as a drafty home. While keeping the home cool is a great excuse to snuggle up, it can be a distraction if the home is constantly cool. 

Instead of worrying about rising heating costs and an uncomfortable home date, take advice from local heating professionals about optimizing home heating. By following this advice, couples can take the day and just enjoy each other's company instead of worrying about an uncomfortable home. 

Beware of Drafts

Drafts are the number one cause of a home that is uncomfortably cool. Several problems include:

  • Poor Air Circulation: Furnaces are designed to efficiently move air around a home. When something impedes this, the result is hot and cold spots around the house. The first place to check is the system's air filter. Clogged air filters interrupt airflow and can lead to cool conditions. 
  • Air Leaks: Air leaks can be found in a heater's ductwork and around windows and doorways. Having ductwork inspected can locate leaks that lead to inefficiency. Paying attention to exterior doors and window frames can allow homeowners to add draft guards or weather stripping to stop air leaks. 
  • Inadequate Insulation: Poor insulation is a leading cause of a home that is too cold. Older homes fall prey to this as old insulation settles and loses its R-value. Upgrading insulation during renovations can pay dividends in efficiency down the road. 

Don't Forget About Windowswindow

Windows are notoriously for their lack of insulating properties. Walls hold insulation that does a good job keeping cold air at bay, but when windows are added for light and air circulation, the result is usually that the room's temperature is less stable. The answer is to install better windows. 

Old windows were single pane, leaky designs that did little to contribute to the efficiency of a home. As time goes on and heating costs rise, there has been a demand that has led to better windows. New windows look better, last longer, and greatly lower energy bills. Additionally, new windows can be installed room by room without disrupting a major renovation. 


Find a Reputable Contractorcontractor

Whether it's Valentine's Day or not, a homeowner should have a sweetheart deal with a local reputable HVAC contractor. Finding an HVAC contractor that is responsive and trustworthy isn't that difficult. Start by finding local heating companies with high ratings on their web pages and review services. Then check their websites to see the list of services they offer. Most companies will cater to any residential need, and others will also cater to commercial customers. 

By finding a reputable HVAC contractor, a homeowner can be sure that:

  • Equipment will last longer
  • Repairs will be minimized
  • Bills will stay low
  • Comfort will be maximized!

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