Fun Facts About the History of Air Conditioning In America

Were You Aware of These Fascinating AC Facts?

Air conditioning is one thing that’s easy to take for granted here in the United States. After all, nearly every home in the country uses some form of air conditioner - at this point, it’s just a common part of everyday life. But it wasn’t always this way. Air conditioning is actually a relatively new invention, and not too long ago it was considered an amazing luxury.

But in the heat of summer, it’s hard to imagine going without AC for even a day. In many parts of the country, it would be downright unlivable. In celebration of this marvelous technology, here a few interesting tidbits about air conditioning and its history that most people don’t know.

July 17th Is National Air Conditioner Day

Outdoor Air Conditioning UnitNational AC Day commemorates the invention of the modern air conditioner by Willis Carrier in 1902. It’s certainly an occasion worth celebrating and there are many ways to do it. Many homeowners like to clear any weeds or debris away from their outdoor AC unit and clean the intake vent for the indoor unit (and check the filter while they’re at it).

Others like to get their air ducts professionally cleaned to get rid of accumulated dust and dirt. And for those who didn’t get their yearly AC maintenance and inspection done in the spring, there’s no better day to get caught up than National AC Day!

The First AC Was Created Here In America

When Willis Carrier devised the first-ever AC, he did so right here in New York. Based in Buffalo, Carrier designed an apparatus to remove moisture from the air, intended for use in a printing plant in Brooklyn. The machine used coils filled with chemical refrigerant to condense the air’s moisture into liquid, which would collect on the coils and be drained away.

But as the coils pulled moisture from the air, they also absorbed heat energy from the air - and the modern AC was born. Several years after his original design, Carrier and a few of his colleagues formed the Carrier Corporation, which is now one of the world’s biggest HVAC manufacturers.

Air Conditioning Gave Rise To the Summer Blockbuster

Black and White Photo of a Movie Theater with Marquee LightsAir conditioning didn’t get widespread use immediately after its invention, of course - it took years to catch on and become accessible to the public. In those days, it was difficult to find relief from the summer heat anywhere. But this was about to change.

In the 1920s and ‘30s, many movie theatre owners recognized that attendance tended to drop off in the summer months. In response, they had their theatres outfitted with air conditioning systems. It didn’t take long for people to come rushing to the movies just to get a couple of hours of respite from the heat. Ticket sales skyrocketed, ushering in a new era and paving the way for the summer blockbuster - all thanks to AC.

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