Three Reasons to Be Thankful for HVAC Technicians This Thanksgiving

Showing Gratitude for the Services HVAC Technicians Provide 

Heating and cooling technicians provide a valuable service for their communities. Without HVAC experts, maintaining healthy and safe temperatures and air quality at home would be much more difficult. HVAC technicians are trained on how to install, maintain, and repair heating and cooling systems

These are skills that modern communities need to thrive. Among the many things that HVAC technicians do, keeping homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer is very important for the health and safety of homeowners and their families. Proper ventilation is also essential for preventing the spread of airborne illnesses such as the flu and Coronavirus. 

Keeping Families Warm in the Winterwarm

Having a working heater during cold winter months is essential for homeowners and their families' health and quality of life. HVAC technicians provide heating services like furnace repair and installation. Making these services affordable and accessible to their communities is something that HVAC technicians are responsible for. 

Without heating in the winter, families may struggle to fight off seasonal colds and flu. Depending on the climate, some may not survive the cold winter months without a heated home. Keeping heaters working all winter helps to prevent illness and loss of life.  

Keeping Houses Cool in the Summercold

While cold weather weakens the immune system, hot weather causes bacteria to fester. High temperatures combined with humidity can exasperate respiratory illnesses as well. Maintaining a dry, temperate indoor air quality helps to prevent airborne diseases. 

Heatstroke can be deadly and affects children and the elderly the most. Keeping air conditioning systems running is another way HVAC technicians help maintain safe and healthy homes across their community. 

When the air conditioning system needs repair, it may not cool the home efficiently, running up power bills while never getting the home quite cool enough. In addition to doing regular HVAC maintenance, doing repairs right away instead of letting them worsen helps to keep utility bills low and air conditioning systems working for longer. 

The Importance of Indoor Air Quality for Human Health 

Invisible particles in the air can come from humidity, animal hair or dander, bacteria and viruses, and chemical pollutants. While many of these invisible particles are harmless, deadly viruses can be transmitted through the air. Ventilating a space with adequate airflow will filter out contaminants from the air to promote a healthier environment. 

HVAC technicians can help homeowners optimize the air quality of their space with tools such as whole-home humidifiers and with regular air filter replacement. One should replace air filters every three months, but factors such as pets or smokers will increase the frequency necessary. 

An HVAC expert can assess the air quality in the home and create a plan with the homeowner to improve it. Improving interior air quality will improve respiration and prevent illness for those who live there.

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