Why Should You Install A Ductless Heating & Cooling System?

What You Need To Know About Ductless Mini Splits

Most homes have traditional HVAC systems to meet both cooling and heating requirements. These traditional HVACs are usually connected to air ducts that distribute cooled or heated air throughout the home. However, central HVAC systems are not the only option for residential heating and cooling.

An alternative to traditional HVACs is the ductless mini split, a heating and cooling system composed of two separate units - an outdoor compressor and an indoor air handler connected by a conduit line. Aside from the ductless mini split system’s advantage of taking up less space and requiring zero ductwork, this more modern HVAC alternative also has the following benefits:

Less Energy Consumption

billUnlike traditional HVACs, the ductless mini split is designed with advanced control algorithms and heat exchangers that maximize energy consumption. These ensure homeowners save at least 30 percent of their electricity costs, significantly reducing their energy bills. 

Homeowners could further maximize their energy savings by opting for models equipped with inverter technology, which uses variable speeds to turn down the unit’s motor when demand is low. Bringing down a motor’s speed reduces the amount of energy used and consequently lowers electric bills.

Because ductless mini splits don’t require ductwork, common problems that result in energy wastage, such as heat loss along the ducts or air leaks, are also eliminated. 

Easy to Install

acEliminating the need for lengthy ductwork makes installing the mini split quicker and easier. Instead of laying down several hundred feet of air ducts and trying to find where these will fit into the home, all that needs to be done is to find the ideal spot to install both the indoor and outdoor units and connect the two. This design is great for old homes without ductwork or homes that don’t have enough space for the length of ductwork required. It is also perfect for homeowners who don’t want the complexity of a traditional air conditioning installation or heating installation procedure that may take up to two days to complete when a ductless mini split can be installed within hours.

Customizable Zones of Comfort

Customizing temperatures in different parts of the home with mini-splits rather than having one set temperature for the whole house can improve home comfort dramatically. Having different air handlers for different rooms in the house allows for greater control and flexibility since these rooms can be set at different temperatures that are ideal for the preferences of the people who use them most, as well as the activities conducted in these spaces.

Ductless systems can also greatly improve indoor air quality. Without air ducts, the probability of harboring dust, dirt, and allergens in these hard-to-reach places that may be redistributed throughout the house is greatly reduced. 

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