When Will a Home Benefit From a Water Softener?

Understanding Hard Water 

Hard water is a problem that plagues the majority of US households. Most people don’t even realize that the problems they have with their water are caused by hardness. Despite the widespread problems that hard water can cause, most people don’t know what hard water is or how to recognize the signs. 

Hard water is a term used to describe the amount of dissolved ions in drinking water sources. The ions come from minerals found in the subsoil of a region that water leeches out and carries with it through the treatment process and into the home. Removing these minerals, mostly calcium and magnesium, is expensive on a municipal scale. Still, it can be easily and cheaply done in the home to avoid the problems that hard water can cause. 

How Does a Water Softener Work? 

water softenerWater softeners work by removing hard minerals from water. Owners can install a few different types of water softeners to deal with their hard water. The most common choices are: 

  • Salt-Based Water Softeners: These are the most common and time-tested soft water solutions. They use a special resin that attracts ions to remove them from incoming water. Once the resin is full of hardness ions, a strong brine is washed over the water-softener resin to regenerate it, and the cycle starts again. 
  • Template-Assisted Crystallization: “TAC” devices use a special matrix to encourage ions to crystalize together. This causes the ions to clump together, reducing their effects on the hardness of water. 
  • Point-of-Use Water Softeners: Water softening devices can be installed on shower heads or faucets to provide soft water to single-use points. 

How to Tell a Home Has Hard Water 

Since most homes deal with hard water, but only a few install water softeners, there is a deficit of knowledge regarding hard water. If people knew the signs of hard water and the benefits of soft water, more people would take advantage of cheap technology to fix the problem. Some of the common signs of hard water are: 

  • The unsightly buildup of mineral scale on fixtures
  • Constant water pressure problems
  • Short-lived water heaters
  • Plumbing problems
  • High water heating bills
  • Dry hair and skin
  • Poor tasting water

Reasons to Install Whole-Home Water Softeners 

save money One of the biggest barriers to entry regarding water softeners is that people are reluctant to spend money on a problem when they don’t have a firm grasp of how the solution will help them. This is especially true with water softeners since most people haven’t experienced how effective their water can be when it is softened. Some of the reasons to install whole-home water softeners are: 

  • Water rinses away grime more effectively, leaving dishes spotless and laundry brighter
  • Soaps are more effectively removed from skin and hair, leaving them radiant and smooth
  • Fewer ions in the water means better-tasting water
  • Having fewer corrosion-causing ions allows plumbing fixtures to last longer and reduces the cost of plumbing bills 

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