How to Stay Chill in the Summer Swelter

Take These Steps to Stay Cool This Summer

As the days get warmer, people’s minds turn to cookouts and camping, baseball and beaches, and gardening and grass maintenance; in other words, the outdoors. After all, the sun is out, and they’ve been cooped up all winter. It’s time to escape! 

Air Conditioner Maintenance

maintenanceAs the sun and humidity drive up the temps, most homeowners flip the switch to turn on the air conditioning and control the climate inside. Too often, they realize their AC unit has been neglected, and the subsequent lack of cooling results in an emergency AC repair.

When the summer heat hits, homeowners should follow these top tips to keep their AC running even on the hottest days. Before running the AC the first time each year, homeowners should:

  • Make sure debris and weeds are cleared from around the AC unit – Clearing dead leaves, weeds, and accumulated trash from around the base of the AC unit can keep air circulating for optimal performance.
  • Clean or replace the air filter – An air filter keeps out pollen, dust, and particles that can keep an air conditioning unit from functioning properly. 
  • Ensure the thermostat is working properly and program the unit – A programmable thermostat can help lower cooling costs by setting the temperature at different levels for different times of the day and even putting it higher when no one is home the unit runs less.
  • Check that ducts are clear of dust and debris – If this wasn’t done at the fall furnace check, now is a good time. Dirty ducts can increase allergens in the air and make an AC unit run less efficiently.
  • Schedule a checkup for regular maintenance – A technician can detect issues that can’t be seen with the naked eye and recharge the system with coolant, if needed, in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

These steps in advance can keep the costly emergency repairs at bay and even help homeowners avoid AC replacement.

Quality AC Counts 

A new AC unit is a sizable investment. When replacing an old air conditioner, homeowners should consider more than just the upfront cost. Other details to consider in selecting a good quality AC unit include the size of the space to be cooled (square footage of the home), energy efficiency, and operation cost (how much it costs to run the unit each month.) By purchasing the highest quality they can afford, homeowners can take advantage of greater energy efficiency and reduce the unit's cost.

Even quality AC units eventually fail. Some signs to look for include low airflow from vents, airflow that is not cooler than the ambient air in the home, unusual noises from the unit, or any strange odors. When buying a home, homeowners should ask for documentation, including the original purchase and installation date of any air conditioning units in the home. One should also keep documentation for new investments, and homeowners should record any maintenance and repairs.

Become a Fan of Fans

fan One easy thing homeowners can do to significantly reduce cooling costs and wear and tear on their AC unit is to use fans to keep cooled air circulating. By taking advantage of a wind-chill effect, homeowners can raise the thermostat by several degrees and still enjoy a comfortable space. Ceiling fans are particularly efficient at evenly dispersing cooled air. In the summer, ceiling fans should be set to rotate in a counterclockwise direction to create a downdraft that keeps the cooled air evenly distributed throughout each room.

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