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Even a small water leak can do a devastating amount of damage—and it can do it fast. Worse, water damage tends to have lingering consequences, such as mold and mildew problems. To ensure that your plumbing system stays leak-free, reach out to our team at Bedell Home Services.

We’re a family-owned and operated company with over 30 years of experience and offer 24-hour water leak detection and repair solutions to homeowners in and around Carmel, IN. You can count on us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Most Common Causes of a Water Line Leak

Having been in business since 1988, we’ve seen it all when it comes to plumbing damage. Here are the issues we see most here in Carmel:

  • Frozen pipes: Ice blocks water from flowing through the pipes. The excess water pressure from the blockage combined with the expanding ice inside the pipes can cause weak, frozen areas to rupture.
  • Old age: If your water line is from the 1950s, it’s time to consider investing in a new system.
  • Rust and corrosion: These issues compromise the structural integrity of your pipes and leave them prone to cracks, gaps, and ruptures.

Many of these issues are preventable with proper maintenance and minor repairs. For instance, adding additional insulation or heat tape can prevent pipe freezes, and having your pipes cleaned can remove mineral build-up that hastens corrosion.

The Importance of Prompt Water Leak Repair

A slow drip is easy to ignore, especially if you have a busy schedule, but leaks of all sizes should be addressed quickly. Why?

  • Mold: Any excess moisture can lead to sufficient humidity for mold to take hold.
  • Flooding: Small leaks tend to become big leaks over time, which can lead to flooding and severe water damage.
  • High utility bills: The cost of wasted water due to leaks often far exceeds the cost of repair, and since you have to repair it eventually, these costs end up being on top of repair costs.
  • Electrical shortages: Leaks near electrical systems can cause exposed wiring to short-circuit, leading to more expensive and dangerous issues.

We make finding and taking care of leaks easy. Give us a call, and we’ll take care of the rest.

How Do You Find Out Where a Leak Is Coming From?

Water leak detection professionals use a variety of methods to find out where a leak is coming from. Some of the most common methods include:

Acoustic leak detection: This method uses sensitive microphones to detect the high-pitched sound of escaping water.
Infrared (IR) thermography: This method uses an IR camera to detect temperature differences caused by water leaks.
Moisture detection: This method uses moisture meters to measure the moisture content of building materials.
Tracer gas testing: This method involves injecting a harmless tracer gas into the water supply. The gas will escape from any leaks and can be detected using a specialized detector.
Video inspection: This method uses a small camera to inspect the inside of pipes and other areas that are not visible to the naked eye.

By using these methods, leak detection professionals can pinpoint the exact location of a leak, even if it is hidden or difficult to access.

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Work with Carmel’s Best Water Leak Detection Company

Accuracy plays an important role in water leak detection. Even a tiny, pinhole-sized water pipe leak can lead to thousands of dollars worth of damages in the long run.

To ensure that you get reliable, accurate results, turn to our team at Bedell Home Services. Homeowners in the Indianapolis area continue to trust us because we only dispatch skilled, trustworthy, and dependable contractors.

We also use the latest, state-of-the-art devices for leak detection. This technology helps us pinpoint even the most minuscule leaks in your underground pipes.

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees. We follow a straightforward, flat-rate pricing plan that will save you money. We even offer convenient financing options.

At Bedell Home Services, we can spot and resolve all kinds of leaks, from severe burst pipes to pinhole-sized underground leaks. Call us at (317) 891-2700 for quick water leak detection services in Carmel, IN.