Water Filtration Systems in Carmel, IN

For optimal water quality in your Carmel building, call Bedell Home Services for water filtration solutions. Don’t yell—call Bedell!

Does your water taste or look like it has impurities? Using such water exposes you and everyone within your building to various health dangers. Avoid such issues by contacting our Bedell Home Services team for water purification services in Carmel, IN.

Our family-owned-and-operated local company has over three decades of experience providing commercial and residential water filtration solutions throughout the Greater Indianapolis area. Our expertise enables us to provide excellent services at wallet-friendly prices.

Schedule us to inspect your property today and recommend the best water filtration system for your desired water quality.

If you have hard water issues in your area, we can provide you with a whole-house water softener system.

Do You Need Water Filtration System Installation?

We recommend installing a water purification system if you have:

  • Lead Pipes: Lead pipes contaminate water with lead, which poses various health risks, including heart and kidney disease.
  • Well Water Supply: If your water comes from a well, various environmental factors can pollute your water supply
  • Obvious Contamination: If your water smells, tastes, or looks abnormal, stay safe by contacting us for a water filtration system.

We can resolve all of the above issues by installing a whole house water filtration system that gives you access to clean water at every outlet.

What’s the Best Type of Water Filter?

The best water filter for your home or business depends on the quality of your water supply, your budget, and other factors. Below are some of the options we offer Carmel residents:

  • Charcoal Filter: It’s the most affordable option for removing visible water contaminants.
  • Sediment Filter: It’s an efficient solution for purifying well water, but it works best when paired with a filtration system that targets microorganisms.
  • Ultraviolet Water Filter: It destroys germs and other microorganisms that dwell in water but isn’t suitable for removing inorganic contaminants:
  • Reverse Osmosis Filter: The best and most expensive water filter option, it eliminates every possible contaminant, including germs, dirt, and chemicals.

If you need help picking the best water filtration system for you, our experts can guide you towards the best option to fit your budget and needs.

Contact us today to discuss water filtration installation options for your residential or commercial plumbing.

Professional Water Filter Repair and Maintenance

At Bedell Home Services, we are a family-owned company that simplifies getting plumbing solutions. If your water filter is malfunctioning, get help quickly by giving us a call to schedule emergency repairs.

We are available 24/7 to repair any water filtration system, anywhere in Carmel or the Greater Indianapolis area. Our well-equipped team can complete most repairs within a single visit, and our flat-rate pricing is very competitive. We can also provide you with annual water filter maintenance that keeps your water perpetually clean and prolongs the filter’s lifespan.

Dial 317-891-2700 today to schedule our Bedell Home Services team for your preferred water filtration service in Carmel, IN. Our slogan: Don’t yell—call Bedell!