Evaporator Coil Services in Carmel, IN

Improve your air conditioning performance in Indianapolis with fast, lasting evaporator coil services from our technicians at Bedell Home Services.

It's common knowledge that indoor air gets more contaminated than outdoor air. What do you do when the hot summer makes your home stuffy and inhospitable? You need trustworthy AC technicians to restore the performance of your air conditioner when it starts failing.

If you're in Indianapolis or Carmel, IN, our family-owned-and-operated company, Bedell Home Services, is your best option for quality evaporator coil services. Our long-time slogan is: Don't yell! Call Bedell.

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The Importance of AC Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coil holds the refrigerant, which absorbs and transfers heat from your interior spaces. It's a critical working part that determines the effectiveness of your air conditioner. Coils can wear out and leak. When your AC has a leaky evaporator coil, it could grind to a halt.

Leaks can cause gradual or quick AC breakdowns depending on how fast the refrigerant leaks. Remember, the refrigerant conducts heat out of your inside rooms. If it leaks, some rooms won't cool efficiently, and your house will have cold and hot spots. Worse still, the system could stop working altogether.

Common Evaporator Coil Issues

You can tell that your evaporator coil is faulty when:

You have hot and cold spots

Cold and warm spots in your house suggest a leaking refrigerant problem. When the refrigerant leaks, your system can't effectively regulate heat in your various rooms.

The air conditioner stops working

If the AC stops working, your evaporator coil could have multiple major leaks. We consider it an urgency that warrants 24/7 emergency services.

The air conditioner releases pungent smells

Odors are among the most dangerous signs of leaky evaporator coils. They indicate that gases are leaking and suggest a possible fire hazard.

The evaporator coils are frozen

Frozen evaporator coils cause clogging and can rupture easily. Maintaining the correct temperature inside your unit to prevent freezing is essential.

What We Repair or Tune Up During Evaporator Coil Services

We tune up and repair your evaporator coil depending on the condition in which we find it. We can always determine the best solution for problems by investigating their causes. Our inspections will reveal the extent of damage, and our trustworthy technicians will recommend the best fixes.

The most common fixes include:

Evaporator coil cleaning

We'll remove the debris and dirt that's accumulated on the surface of your evaporator coils. Such build-up can insulate heat from absorbing into the cooling refrigerant.


We'll remove all frozen particles trapped inside your evaporator coil. We'll also defrost the evaporator coil and ensure proper airflow. We are diligent and won't damage any part of the coil while defrosting.

Evaporator coil blockage removal

We'll inspect your coil and detect any blockages restricting airflow. Routinely, we'll even refill your coil with refrigerant after unblocking it.

Coil damage repair

We'll inspect the coil, find any leaks in it, fix the leaks—or replace some parts, if the damage is extensive.

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